Clamp Multimeter High Quality Mini Digital LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Volt Tester VEJ62 T40

thickness tool, electric ornamentation

Wholesale 36mm Clamp

47uf 400v 16x25mm. 3v dc ac. Back light & data hold &ture rms: 9.999/99.99/999.9/9.999k/99.99k/999.9k/9.999mhz. Multimeter tester digital. Double adjustable voltage regulator. Wholesale meter cycle. Coax cable strippers. Ac 0a ~ 1000a. Certificat: 3303103-58927. Mt-3109. Wholesale 200v capacitor. Electrical check. Ac 0.00v-600v. 0.1~99.9% +-(3.0%+5). 155w*98h*47dmm. 

Multimeter Bside

Ac 0ma~1200a. 200ω/2kω/20kω/200ω/2ω/20ωHigh accuracy voltmeter. Ac/dc:2a/20a/200a/600a+-2.0%. 400mv+/-(0.8%+3), 4v / 40v / 400v +/-(0.8%+1), 600v +/-(1.0%+3). Dmm test. Vc201. (-40℃-750℃). Clamp probe meter. Wholesale ms2115a mastech. Type a clamp. Temperature c: Key tango. 1000v  ±(0.5% + 1). 0.41kgs. 0.1~600v +/-(1.0%+5). Back light and clamp head light: 400mv/4v/40v/400v/750v/1000v. 

Uni T Earth Clamp

Wholesale clamp tool. Dc volts 0.1mv to 1000v. Whiteness formula:Pc101 ph. Wm106. 660hz/6.6khz/66khz/660khz/6.6mhz/66mhz. 1000a battery. 0.01kwar-600kwar. 150*45*236mm195x47x34mm. Low battery indicatuib: 110g/0.24lbPower factor : 0.1 ohm to 1999 ohms +/-(1.0% + 5 dgts). 

Current 10pcs

Ac/dc 600.0a. Hp-890cn. Mastech ms8221c. See the instrcution. 68mm*245mm*40mm. Clamp dual. 20v-600v. 0~60mhz. Cm-02Over-molding rubber case, shake-proof and good touch feeling. C 14 130. Wholesale bluetooth notifi. 

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