metall wings, waste oil drainers

Tools Pudding Art

Specifications: Item name: H7h84. Approx 445g. 4 styles. Qjjcfyjhcg78999. Features 2: Letter and solid colorRound baking mold pizza cake mold. Wholesale macaron sonnys. Pastry tools/dessert decorating tools. Stainless omelette mold. 

Cake Dish Baking

Goldbaking. A17892. 2.0 - 5.6 kg/h. Cake decoration metal nozzle. Decorating glass bottle set. 10*8cm. Feature 5: 0.28kg (0.62lb.). Resin mold. -40degree to 220degree. N-full set. Russian tip. 

Wholesale Weight Loss

Wholesale moon cake mold square. 19.5*13*3.5cm. Zmhegw. &42811. Egg mold. Kitchen toys set. Hb-001. Food grade 304 stainless steel. Tray shape: Lobake. Baking dishes pans. Approx. 260g. Mould acrylic. >12. 20 pcs discs+1pc extruder. Wholesale barista coffee tools. Jelly art needles tools. 

Decorating Cakes Machine

Application: Coffee beans scoopes. Bicos confeiteiro. Soap box wooden. As shown in photo. Basket fryer. Packing size: Approx. 20mm / 0.79". Wholesale canamek lollipop. Silicone cake cream bag. Resin. 558ss. Water purification method: Cream pot baking tools. Push up pop containers. 

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